Effortlessly track your scores and determine where to focus your practice with Baby Fade. You can keep scores, play games with friends, and maintain a handicap.

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Scorecard Feed & GPS Tracking

Improve your game with pinpoint accuracy using Baby Fade Golf's GPS distance tracking, giving you the information you need to navigate courses like a pro.

Let Baby Fade be your rangefinder

Get precise distances with Baby Fade's building in GPS rangefinder.

Why Choose Baby Fade

Baby Fade will help you get better for FREE!

20k Mapped Courses

Keep your score and save money. Baby Fade lets you easily track your score on over 20,000 mapped courses worldwide, while also providing GPS distances that can save you money on a traditional range finder. With real-time updates and a comprehensive course database, you'll have everything you need to improve your game and stay within budget.

7 Games

7 great games to help compete with your friends.

Strokes Gained

Improve your golf game with our Strokes Gained feature. By analyzing the effectiveness of each shot compared to a golfer of your handicap, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses on the course, and make strategic adjustments to lower your score. Our feature is perfect for serious golfers looking to improve their game and track their progress over time.

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Start using Baby Fade now and see how easy it is to track, manage, and optimize your game.

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